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Seimen Kongou

This is the start of a new series I'm creating. A series of reviews of various Persona from the Persona series. It's kid of Inspired by Bogleech's own Pokemon ad Digimon reviews. If you want to check him out, don't. I don't like him that much :p.

Anyways onto the Actual Persona

This version of the design vaugely makes it look like a it has a mustache, thought I'm pretty sure that's not the case."

Overall Kongou takes the form of a sort of crystaline humanoid wearing s speedo with a crystaline haircut. That's honestly the most consistent part of the design from variants, with the manga version looking kinda, more abstractly angry.

I kinda like this one the better, the eyes give it loads of personality beyond vaugely serious. The PSP opening version of him also looks fairly cool

According to mythology Seimen Kongou is a servant of the Three "Hear no Evil. See no Evil. Speak no Evil Monkeys". Beings I mostly remember from the Jackie Chan Episode about them being able to magically make people blind, deaf or mute. This explains the monkey's in his first art which seem to be based on your party members in that game. Alongside that he apparently used to be an evil demon that ate people before atoning. That only really comes through in it's manga design (those eyes add a lot).

Overall I'd say that Seiemn Kongou counts as a 3/5 stars design. It's manga form however is 4/5 stars

Moving onto his evolved form, Amon-Ra

Yes, that legit the only real image we have of this design. It wasn't even really used in the manga. Overall however I dig the vibe, it's this big sandy archer guy covered in like bee skin. He does look fairly cool. I'd give him about 3/5 stars.

Unlike, most mainline persona users, the Boy with Earing has a second Ultimate Persona Unrelated to the first line, seemingly. Perhaps this one should be counted as his real Ultimate Persona instead of Amon Ra

Holy Shit does this guy look cool. Conceptualized as the King of Persona users Vishnu looks like a sort of evil noble. Holy shit, the belt straps, the theater mask, the fucking finger nails. The western realise of Persona 1 used this guy as the box art cover and damn do I get why. This guy looks wicked as fuck. An easy 4.5 stars. Only real problems I have are that he doesn't quite look like a protagonists Ultimate persona (something he makes up for in panache). And that his arm is twisted back weirdly in a lot of his art.

Seriously, what is UP with that. Anyways this is Paddy signing out on his Persona reviews.

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