Gate Guardian

With new Gate Guardian support seemingly on the horizon, I thought it would be fun to take a look throught every single member of the Gate Guardian "archetype" in a sort of review system. Considering the fact that it's considered perhaps the worst archetype ever made, I'm here to wonder, is that justified?"

Starting thing's off we have Suijin the first of Gate Guardian's many pieces, a Level 7 Aqua/Water type monster with 2500ATK and 2400DEF with the ability to once per duel, change the attack of a monster that attacks it to 0.

You have to remember that Suijin was made in 2005, a good 94% of monsters were normal monsters with names like The Creeping Callem and falvor text like "This evil hand attacks with "Dark Magic" and it would have 300 attack points and become relevant in BA builds as a Unexpected Dai target. This was one of the first effect tribute monsters in the game, and for it's time its fine. Pretty good in a limited format. So 2/5 stars.

Now let's see what it's siblings do

Meet Kazejin, a Level 7 Wind Spellcaster with 2400ATK and 2200DEF with the ability to once per duel change...a monsters attack to 0 when it attacks you. THIS IS JUST SUIJIN AGAIN! THIS IS JUST SUIJIN BUT GREEN AND WORSE!

Anyways 1/5 Stars, it's literally just a worse Suijin. Onto the third of this gang of minor Jackie-Cha Adventures villians

It's a level 7 Light Thunder monster with 2600ATK and 2200DEF and it is also literally just Suijin again because, as stated by the famous reddit user MisterBadGuy569, Yugioh cards are less so designed as they are thrown against the wall. Anyways I guess it's technically better than Suijin with it's better typing and 100 more attack points, so it take Suijin old 2/5 Stars, demoted it down to 1/5 stars and becomes the new 2/5 stars by default.

Now if you get all 3 of them out, you can summon

The BEST Zubaba General target in all of Planet Earth

Gate Guardian is a Lv12 Dark Warrior with 3750ATK and 3400DEF and can be summoned by you tributing Sanga the Thunder, Suijin and Kazejin. And that's it. For that summoning condition it should win you the game, thought to be honest, you've probably heard that before. In fact you've probably heard all these criticisms before, they're not just old hat. They're so old hats hadn't even been invented yet. So let's list off Gate Guardian's good qualities.

What most people don't know is that Gate Guardian has an upgraded form in the GX anime

By using Dark Element (seen above) and paying half your life points and sacrificing Gate Guardian, you can summon DARK GUARDIAN

This fucker.

He's a Dark Lv12 Warrior with 3800ATK and 3800DEF and cannot be destroyed by battle :). I'll give them this, it is an objective upgrade over Gate Guardian. 10/5 stars, incredible. Truly magnificent.

Also Masoluem of the Emperor is kind of supposed to part of the archetype, but's it's actually fairly good.

Look at that, the easy searchability off of Terraforming, the useful effect that speeds up gameplay. It's even playable. 3/5 Stars. Incredible

Anyways, I don't know what to add to the rest of this, check out the rest of this website I guess Main Page.